Recorded: 1994
Producer: Joseph Baker

Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s Petula worked on numerous solo recording projects of original material. These included issuing a handful of country flavoured singles for the Scotti Brothers label in 1981 / 1982 (including the adult contemporary hit Natural Love) and sessions produced by David Gest in 1991, resulting in three superbly produced tracks including the radio single Oxygen. However, none of these original recording projects resulted in a full-length studio album. In fact, with the exception of two hit re-recording packages for the Jango and Dino labels in 1986 and 1988, Petula's last solo album of original material was the 1978 CBS offering 'Destiny'.

Fast forward 16 years, in the spring / summer of 1994, while performing on Broadway in the Willy Russell musical BLOOD BROTHERS, Petula began selecting new songs and working on their arrangements by recording the project as a demo album to serve as a showcase for potential record labels - the demos were never intended to be released but were to be re-recorded once a deal had been secured. The new songs she chose came from a variety of writers, including herself, expressing Petula's feelings about life, love and our times - the 13-track demo album is reminiscent of an off-Broadway, cabaret presentation, using songs that were being presented at the time by singers such as Andrea Marcovvichi, Nancy LaMott, Amanda McBroom and Judy Connelli. These recordings, often referred to as THE NEW YORK SESSIONS culminated in 13 stunning songs being recorded as demos including a solo / pop version of Tell Me It's Not True (which has been released) from the musical BLOOD BROTHERS. The recordings were produced by Joseph Baker (musical director on BLOOD BROTHERS) at his New York recording studio. Joseph Baker went on to produce other Petula recordings including Refugee (unreleased), The Rainbow, Another Christmas Without You, Away In A Manager and Butterfly In The Snow for the album This Is Christmas, Come Along With Me, To Memphis (unreleased), Driven By Emotion (unreleased) and Living For Today. The 1994 demo project was put to one side (and never revisited) as Petula went on a US Road Tour of BLOOD BROTHERS quickly followed by a sensational return to London's West End as Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber's SUNSET BOULEVARD.

The tracks recorded by Petula as demos:

01. HERE WE ARE (Grant Sturiale / Barry Harman)*
Re-recorded in 1998 for the album Here For You and performed on Australian TV

Here We Are was first performed live by Petula in 1996 for her BBC Radio 2 concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra

02. I'LL BE HERE WITH YOU (David Friedman)*
Also recorded by Barry Manilow, Nancy LaMott, Kathie Lee Gifford, David Hasselhoff, Sam Harris, Linzi Hatley, Laurie Beechman and Bjorn Rosier

03. MY BOUNDLESS FAITH (Gerry Dieffenbach)*
Also recorded by Gerry Dieffenbach

04. IN THIS LIFE (Shelly Peiken / Glen Burtnik)*
In This Life was performed live by Petula in 1996 at the Derngate Theatre, Northampton

05. STRANGERS ONCE AGAIN (Lindy Robbins / John J Bucchino)*
Also recorded by Julie Johnson, Joan Ryan and Andrea Marcovicci

Strangers Once Again was performed live by Petula in 1996 for her BBC Radio 2 concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra

Also recorded by Spiral Starecase, Diana Ross, Andy Williams, Ray Quinn and Catherine Porter
07. TELL ME IT'S NOT TRUE (Willy Russell) **
From the musical BLOOD BROTHERS

08. PRELUDE TO LOVE (Grant Sturiale / Petula Clark)*

09. ONE DAY AT A TIME (David Friedman)*
Also recorded by Joani O'Keefe 

10. LOVE IS ON THE WAY (Albert Louis Hammond / Shelly Peiken)*

11. LOVE IS FOREVER (Allan Rich)*

12. PART OF YOUR SONG (Margaret Dorn / Lynn Flaherty)*

13. FLIGHT (Craig Carnelia)*
Performed and or recorded by Ben Platt, Sutton Foster and Megan McGinnis, Nic Rouleau

Flight was performed live by Petula in 1996 for her BBC Radio 2 concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra. This song was cut from the broadcast.

** Included on the album Downtown To Sunset Boulevard (2000) and The Ultimate Collection (2002)



Midday With Kerri-Anne (Australian TV 1998)

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