SECOND HAND SONGS: Male Vocalists (Part 2)

In the second of our four part series Second Hand Songs, we salute the soloists, groups and orchestra's that have created their own borrowed sounds of over 60 compositions written and co-written by Petula augmented where possible with sound files taken from the archive collection. This list does not intend to be exhaustive and is presented by year of release. Part 2 of Second Hand Songs showcases male vocalists that have recorded a Petula composition. Do you know of a cover that is not featured on this page? If yes, contact us to update this listing.

Avant (1962)
(Petula Clark / Claude Pitowski / Alain Gauney)

Co-written by Petula (although never recorded by Petula) Avant was recorded by Richard Anthony, a French singer from Cairo, Egypt (b. 1938, d.2015) and issued in 1962 by Columbia Records France on the EP Delivre Moi.

You're The One - Dick Kallman (1965)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, You're The One was recorded by Dick Kallman who was an American actor and singer. Dick's version of You're The One was released in the US on the LP Dick Kallman Drops In As Hank issued in 1965 by RCA Victor. "Hank" was a popular US TV show from the 1960's which starred Dick Kallman as the aforementioned "Hank".


Heart - Kenny Chandler (1965)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Heart was recorded by Kenny Chandler, an American singer who also went under the alias Kenny Beau. Kenny's cover of Heart, issued by Epic in 1965 is the only known male vocal cover of this song. Interesting fact: Kenny's cover of Heart is not to be confused with his minor hit recording of the same name issued in 1963.


Where Did We Go Wrong - James Darren (1966)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Where Did We Go Wrong was recorded in 1966 by James Darren (real name: James William Ercolani) an Italian / American television and film actor, television director, and singer. James' version of Where Did We Go Wrong was issued by Warner Bros. Records.


Ujo Rakkus (Time For Love) - Johnny (1966)
(Petula Clark / Vito Pallavicini / Tony Hatch / Pertti Reponen)

Co-written by Petula, Time For Love as Ujo Rakkaus was recorded in Finnish by Johnny; real name Eljon Liebkind, a Finish pop star prominent in the 60s and 70s. Johnny's recording of  Time For Love was issued in 1966 on the Finnish label Scandia. The Finnish lyric is by Pertti Reponen.

Just Say Goodbye - Rufus Lumley (1967)
(Petula Clark / Pierre Delanoe / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Just Say Goodbye was recorded by Refus Lumley, an American vocalist. Just Say Goodbye was issued by RCA Victor. The song was also featured on the his debut album Rufus Luck ...Your Luck.


While The Children Play - Rufus Lumley (1968)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch / Georges Aber)

Co-written by Petula, While The Children Play was recorded by the American vocalist Rufus Lumley for his 1968 album Rufus Luck ...Your Luck issued in the US by RCA Victor. The album also features Just Say Goodbye by Rufus released a year earlier.


Things Bright And Beautiful - Rod McKuen (1970)
(Al Grant / Rod McKuen)

Co-written by Petula with Rod McKuen, Things Bright And Beautiful was recorded by Rod Mckuen on 24 May 1970 live in concert at The London Palladium. The recording was issued in 1970 on Rod Mckuen's own label Stanyan Records and in the UK on Warner Bros. Records.

Things Bright And Beautiful - Rod McKuen (1970)
(Al Grant / Rod McKuen)

Co-written by Petula, Things Bright And Beautiful was also recorded by the American actor Rock Hudson (with additional verses by Rod Mckuen) for the Stanyan Records label for the album Rock Hudson Sings The Songs of Rod McKuen - Rock Gently. The recording sessions took place in March 1970 in London at Phillips & Chappel Studios. Rod McKuen produced the recording. 


Some - Rod McKuen (1971)
(Al Grant)

Written by Petula (as Al Grant), Some was recorded by Rod McKuen for his album Pastorale issued in 1971 on Stanyan and Warner Bros. Records.


The World Song (as Provo Tu) - Donatello (1972)
(Petula Clark / John Bromley)

Co-written by Petula, The World Song (as Prova Tu) was recorded by the Italian singer Donatello in Italian. The recording was issued as a single in Italy and Switzerland in 1972 on the Italian record label Recordi.

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