SECOND HAND SONGS: Female Vocalists (Part 3)

In the third of our four part series Second Hand Songs, we salute the soloists, groups and orchestra's that have created their own borrowed sounds of over 60 compositions written and co-written by Petula augmented where possible with sound files taken from the archive collection. This list does not intend to be exhaustive and is presented by year of release. Part three of Second Hand Songs showcases female vocalists that have recorded a Petula composition. Do you know of a cover that is not featured on this page? If yes, contact us to update this listing.

Il Y A Tellement De Filles (as Hay Tantos Chicos) - Rocio Durcal (1964)
(Petula Clark / Pierre Delanoe)

Co-written by Petula, Hay Tantos Chicos was recorded by Italian vocalist Rocio Durcal with backing by Los Sonor (one of the first Spanish pop bands) and issued in Spain by Philips in 1964.

Now That You've Gone (Puisque Tu Pars) - Connie Stevens (1965)
(Petula Clark / Hubert Ballay / Norman Newell)

Co-written by Petula, Now That You've Gone was recorded by Connie Stevens, an American actress and singer actress and singer, best known for her role in the television series Hawaiian Eye. Connie's version was first issued in 1965 on Warner Bros. Records.  

You're The One - April Young (1965)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula with Tony Hatch, You're The One was recorded by April Young (real name Janice Friedman)  and issued in the US on CBS in 1965.


Heart - Beverly Williams (1966)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Heart was recorded by Beverly Williams and issued in the US in 1966 by Decca.  

Heart - Lynne Randell (1966)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Heart was recorded by Lynne Randell an English Australian pop singer. For three years in the mid-1960s she was Australia's most popular female performer and had a hit in Australia with Petula's composition Heart in 1966. In 1967, Randell toured the United States with The Monkees and performed on-stage with support act Jimi Hendrix. She wrote for teen magazine, Go-Set and television programme guide, TV Week. While on the US tour, Randell became addicted to methamphetamine, an addiction which she battled for most of her life. Lynnne died at the age of 57 in 2007. Lynne's cover of Heart was issued in Australia by CBS.


There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life - Jackie Trent (1966)
(Petula Clark / Tony Hatch / Jackie Trent / Herbet Ballay)

Co-written by Petula with Jackie Trent, There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life was recorded by Jackie and issued by Pye Records in 1966.

Just Say Goodbye - Tina Mason (1967)
(Petula Clark / Pierre Delanoe / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Just Say Goodbye was recorded by Tina Mason a US pop singer who exploded onto the US pop scene in 1967. Tina was also the front singer for the pop group Tina and The Mustangs. Just Say Goodbye was covered by Tina on her 1967 album Tina Mason Is Something Wonderful issued by Capitol Records and later issued in the UK on CD in 2008 by Cherry Red Records.

Special People - Mia Morrell (1967)
(Petula Clark / Frank Owens)

Co-written by Petula and her then musical director, Special People was recorded by Mia Morrell an unknown American singer. Mia's recording of Special People was only issued as a promotional single in 1967 in the US by ABC Records.


Just Say Goodbye - Ronni Wallis (1967)
(Petula Clark / Pierre Delanoe / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Just Say Goodbye was recorded by Ronni Wallis - this recording was one of six sides recorded and issued by Ms. Wallis on Decca.


Just Say Goodbye - Robin Wilson (1970)
(Petula Clark / Pierre Delanoe / Tony Hatch)

Co-written by Petula, Just Say Goodbye was recorded by Robin Wilson, an American minor figure in 60s adult contemporary pop. Just Say Goodbye was recorded by Robin for her album Ain't That Something issued in 1970 by A&M Records.

On The Path Of Glory - Mary Travers (1971)
(Petula Clark)

Written by Petula, On The Path Of Glory was recorded by Mary Travers, famous as the female voice of the trio Peter, Paul & Mary. On The Path Of Glory was recorded by Mary for her first solo album Mary issued internationally in 1971 by Warner Bros. Within the sleeve Mary comments on the song: "This song reminds me of Where Have All The Flowers Gone in that, beautiful as it may be, I wish we didn't need songs like this".

Looking At Life - Alice Clark (1972)
(Petula Clark / John Bromley)

Co-written by Petula, Looking At Life was recorded by Alice Clark and issued on her 1972 album Alice Clark issued by Mainsteam Records in the US.


My Love Will Never Die - Amanda Jane Manning (2007)
(Petula Clark)

Written by Petula (although never recorded by Petula), My Love Will Never Die was recorded in 2007 by West End singer Amanda Jane Manning and released on the 2007 retrospective In Her Own Write issued by Sepia Records.


Moira Danis Covers (2009)

In 2009 New York cabaret artist Moira Danis set about recording the album Beautiful Sounds as a loving tribute to the remarkable career of Petula Clark as a singer, songwriter and an actress. The collection of songs were taken from Moira's New York cabaret show Beautiful Sounds - The Songs Of Petula Clark. The album features 7 cover versions: Beautiful Sounds, Two Rivers, You're The One, Now That You've Gone, Things Bright And Beautiful, Getting The Right Thing Wrong and Here For You. [Purchase]

You're My Destiny - Maxine Linehan (2011)
(Petula Clark)

Written by Petula, You're My Destiny was recorded by Maxine Linehan in 2011 for her show and album What Would Petula Do? The show follows Petula Clark's career from her early popular recordings of the 1940s to her mega hits of the 1960s to her award winning performances in film, to the West End and Broadway. In 2016 Linehan made her Paris debut at Theatre du Chatelet with her wildly acclaimed What Would Petula Do? A live album of the show is promised for the Spring of 2017. [Purchase]

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