Setting aside new discoveries (e.g.: On Air), demo recordings and unreleased recordings, here's a round up of the commercially issued vinyl releases that have yet to make it to an official CD or digital download release:


1973: 'Petula' (Disques AZ) 3 tracks from this super rare album have not made it to CD: 'Accordons Nos Violons' / 'Un Carte D'Amitie' / 'Dans La Ville'

1973: 'Opryland USA' (Timex) Petula performs on 4 of the tracks from this scarce and hard to find LP of the 1973 TV Special. Tracks performed are: 'Sing' (with Tennessee 'Ernie' Ford) / 'I Can See Clearly Now' / 'Lazy Afternoon' / 'I Don't know How To Love Him'

1984: 'Lollipops and Fish Fingers' (MFP)  A fun collection of songs for the NSPCC. Petula performs on 3 of the tracks:- 'Blue Jeans' / 'Feeding The Hens' / 'Bathtime Calypso' (with Gareth Hunt).



1972: 'Bleu Blanc Rouge' (Disques AZ) 1972 (alternate take - issued on the AZ purple engraved label). This differs from the album take version which was also issued as a single with an AZ red label. The master tape for the alternate version is missing.


1973: 'Thank You My Lord' (Disques AZ) (alternate take - issued on the AZ purple engraved label). Issued in June 1973, 'Thank You My Lord' is an alternate version to that issued on the album. The master tape of this alternate version is missing.

1973: 'Taking It On' (Polydor) (with Sacha Distel). This recording was the flip to another Petula Clark and Sacha Distel duet '(Let The Love Light In Your Eyes) Lead Me On' and issued in October 1973.

1975: 'Hasta Manana' (Disques AZ). The master tape for this recording is missing!

1978: 'Put A Little Sunshine In Your Life' (CBS). Following the release of the full length single of 'Put A Little Sunbeam In Your Life' on the CBS label on 14 April 1978 recorded as the radio / TV jingle for the Chrysler Sunbeam card, the BBC and the ITC refused to play the single saying that "the record could be taken as plug for the Chrysler cars, whose "Sunbeam" advertising jingle is also sung by Petula". A spokesperson for the BBC commented: "With any song based on a commercial, we always advise that certain keywords are changed". A new version was recorded by Petula and quickly issued as a single on 21 April 1978 after Petula went back to the recording studio to replace the offending Sunbeam with Sunshine.

1985: 'Mr. Orwell' (English language version) (PRT) and issued in February 1985.


1988: 'Got It' (CNR) (alternate single mix) - this alternate single mix was issued in the Netherlands and differs from the album take.


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